Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Part Timer Productions 'Rise'!

Last night the part time film stars banded together to shoot some scenes for Craig's 'live' project.
We assembled at the Neptune Centre and filmed the young-'uns playing snooker, table tennis and football, even squeezing in a sneaky kick or two..!

The best thing for me was having the time to work with the camera and to get the most from any of the set ups.
By remembering what went wrong with my own work weeks before, I hope that Craigs work will stand up against the best possible from a DVX100.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Killing Time

A few days ago I got wind of a local film maker, Clive Tonge, who needed a couple of actors for 'the shortest horror film ever'.
I showed him my work with Jennifer Nelson in 'The Woman Who Loved a Tree' and we were offered the role of 'good looking young couple'. We still needed a mad-axeman serial killer ament first thoughts were if Sean Collins, a downright lovely bloke wrapped up in a 6' 2" superhulk package.
Sean has acted on the past but for the sake of his online audition, he posed for a photo apparently about to bludgeon a poor girl to death. Needless to say, Sean got the role.

There was no script, just a few necessary directions, so most of the dialogue was adlibbed. That suits me in some respects - no lines to learn, but the bad point is if you come out with a great natural lone that sticks, it's a lot harder to remember it once you've finished the take.
The other problem I have is a knack for saying exactly what comes into my head, and just assuming my fellow actors will roll with it. A few times on Sunday night I gave Jen and Sean the giggles when they were supposed to be terrified/terrifying respectively.

It was good to work with another director and experience new ways to develop your character and performance.

The film will be entered into a competition, more news on that as it breaks...

Here's a link to Clive's website:

And here's a link to 'The Woman Who Loved a Tree' just in case you missed it the first time: