Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Earth to Earth... Eyes, Nose and Mouth!

Yesterday was the second day of shooting for Laura Degnan's SBTRKT music video competition entry and I suspect it was a day that actor Ben would rather have stayed in bed!

We drowned him in a river, burried him alive and 'gave birth' to him - all after he'd worked all morning in Brighton and driven up for the experience!

I was wearing my 'Health and Safety' hat yesterday, attempting to make Ben's experience as safe and painless as possible - however, Laura was not; "more soil over his eyes", "go deeper into the water... ALL the way under..!" - That's one non-compromising director!

The soil was my 'safe' recipe, made in the kitchen, so it should have been OK in his mouth... apart from the sand I added for texture - ooh, that makes one's teeth really grind!

That's me in the water, doing a reccee for Ben

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dead Again!

I've played dead more times than not this year and today did it three times in an hour! Laura Degnan is shooting a music promo video and I was drafted in as production designer, and not doing too shabby a job either, but, times are hard and finding stiffs just ain't as easy as it used to be! I played - at separate times I might add - each of the three dead bodies on mortuary slabs... Tables to you ad me! The shoot is going well, more news to follow...