Saturday, 27 November 2010

Generations, Legacy, The Legend Continues...

I had a wonderful time tonight at Bang!, catching up with old friends and watching new films. What I hadn't realised was that Luke's son, Jordan, and partner, Rebecca, were so heavily involved in his film. Vader: A Rise and Fall was very similar to 'The Woman Who Loved A Tree' with it's mockumentary approach, which is always (in my limited experience) a crowd pleaser.
Other notable films from the night included 'Red Arrow' and 'Sis', the latter of which was both fun and tough to watch in equal measure.
It's nearly three am and we've just finished watching 'Night of the Demon' on telly and discussing the past, present and future of film making in the world today.
Luke has been writing a few comedy scripts and has asked me to play a part in 'BatSmith' and 'The Not-So Professionals' - I can do that, where do I sign?
I had a great night tonight and I'm looking forward to spending more time with these characters from my former life on Nottingham.

Through Rain or Sleet or Hail or Snow...

Toward the Hollywood dream I will go!

Britain was hit by an early winter this week and most organisations recommended only essential journeys should be undertaken. Well I wanted to support my old friend as his short film is debuted at the Nottingham Broadway Bang! Film Festival tonight and, so far at least, nothing has stood in my way.
The event kicks off in a couple of hours so I'm off to get changed and prepare for another hard round of networking opportunity.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

He's not the cowboy, he's a very secret agent..!

Late news:
I was offered the role of the action film representative in the CCAD second years' live project, as opposed to the cowboy I was shooting for.
It's a James Bond-esque role and I'm already working on a few accents.

In other news:
The role of JC was cruelly snatched away by fate as a different script appears to have won the opportunity to be filmed.
There's always next year I suppose!

Next up:
Bang! Film festival in Nottingham.

Monday, 22 November 2010

BANG! Nottingham short film festival this weekend coming - and I'm going!

An old friend (and ex-boss) of mine from Nottingham will be showing his first film at a festival being held at the Broadway independent cinema this weekend.
We met back in 2003 and struck it off immediately thanks to our shared interest in films and film making. We spent many a long evening planning to take over Hollywood but work always came first and the dream was parked up.
Cut to: 2009 and we both, and independently, revisited our first love of entertainment.
I am proud to be visiting Luke at this event, he has been very supportive of me in my studies and recent performances and we are looking to collaborate on an action comedy project within the next few months.

Check it out:

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Leeds film festival: result

It's not what you know, it's who you know...
I arranged to meet an actor friend of mine at the venue, Jennifer Nelson; she had been at a casting session earlier in the day, which went well it seems.
Colin director Marc Price was at the event - as a judge it turns out, and he has become a good friend with Jennifer Nelson, following a film making event at the Writers Block in Middlesbrough. He invited us for drinks and we ended up in the same bar as the judges and the director of The Dead, Howard ford, his brother Jon, Imran the musician and the film's star, Rob Freeman.

Howard was very generous with his time and gave us lots of advice on breaking into the business; Rob was fantastic company, telling anecdotes of his time on the film and life in general and Marc Price was as down to earth as ever, such a lovely person to know - and hopefully work with, but that's a story for another day...

Here's some links to the film and beyond:

Leeds International Film Festival - The Dead

In a last minute decision, I have come down to Leeds to see the northern premier of 'The Dead'!
There's writers, directors and actors here tonight, so let's see what happens.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Tournament 3!?!

Writers Block are tonight having a special screening of The Tournament with special guest speaker Nick Rowntree introducing and holding a Q&A afterwards.

Writers Block are the most solid thing to happen to films in Middlesbrough in the last 12 months, I sincerely wish them all the very best for the future.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another weekend, another film challenge...

Writers Block, bless 'em, single-handedly creating the film scene in Middlesbrough these days, held a 4 hour film challenge this afternoon.
I wanted a break from the production design and opted to e an actor only this time. Competition was strong - BBC favourite Bill Fellows was in one of the groups but that instilled a level of professionalism not seen in such quick events.
Fortune favours the brave and once again it shone down on my group... The filming location was right around the corner from my parents' home and I was able to borrow some fantastic costume and props.
We filmed a documentary about a shark in a local park lake - I played the grizzled hunter, pitted in a battle of wits against the beastie.
We finished filming with time to spare but technology thwarted us and we missed the deadline.
As it happened, only 2 groups made it and we were the third ones finished, so it's kind of like winning the bronze medal, right?
It was a great day and everyone played well.
Right now we're all in the pub having a victory roll burger and a pint.
Back to the world tomorrow...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Cement Factory screening, Peg Powler Gallery

Just received word that a short film that I acted in recently is being shown on Thursday night in Stockton.
I planned my role meticulously, researching cement production and growing an excellent beard (I try and do a new and different beard for every character role I play) - tattoos were drawn on in permanent marker but even still were thought out so as to best build my character.
Co-directed by AJ Garrett, there wasn't a strict script for us to learn, just a series of ideas that had to play out withinthe given scene. This led to some wicked improvs, especially by the genius James Harris.
Filming day was a lot of fun and it was only after we had wrapped that AJ told us that it wasn't meant to be a comedy... Oops!
Not a comedy you say? My character had a dark secret that involved a cement mixing machine, self pleasurement and homicidal tendencies...
Huh, typecast again!

I Wanna Be A Cowboy!


CCAD TV and Film acting auditions tonight...

And here's my new theme tune: