Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Twelve Angry Men? - Not Even One!

On Monday I was on the set of George Gently 2012 in Durham, for what I knew not why...

After a quick shave and hair 'trim' I was ready - for my glorious role as 'press man'.

Well, the hours passed; fellow supporting artists were taken away and brought back into the green room and all the while I sat there, waiting.

Around 5.30pm I was called through; there was room for one more on the jury... An eleven man jury all day and I just sat in the green room... Must've been shooting tight I suppose..!

So here I am, the last man in the Jury; cameras ready to roll... and...

"John, could you leave the jury please, the blocking is all wrong now..."

Cheers then.

Well I did then have the opportunity to sit behind the camera monitor and watch the show being recorded, so it wasn't a waste of a day - and I did see some familiar faces from Song For Marion and Harrigan's Nick.

I spent most time between takes chatting to a chap called Garry Allsopp - a North-East based editor, sound recordist and FIGHT CO-ORDINATOR!?!

Garry has worked on recent features such as Interview With a Hitman with Luke Goss and runs a martial arts club where he teaches his own brand of fighting called 'Wing Tai Ch'uan Gung-Fu' - here's a link:

Here's a link to the Hitman film:

There's a lot more 'extras' work just around the corner so finger's crossed I have the chance to do a little more next time!