Saturday, 20 August 2011

World War Z non-story

While visiting friends in Newquay, Cornwall last week, Jen Nelson and I heard that World WarZ was being filmed in Falmouth. Surf was flat that day so we drove over to see what we could see - and maybe become extras. Jen had already seen the casting calls weeks previous and as we drove over, battling the constantly interrupted mobile signal, we emailed the casting agent. ( and to this date, we've still not heard back from her!) Uncertain where this may lead, we determined to go it alone and approach them ourselves!

A Cornwall tourist website gave us our first brake, then a local newsagent (and newspaper) gave us a clearer picture.

All indications were that Brad Pitt would be filming on a ship in the harbour but aside from a large green screen, some wind generators and a helicopter, there was little apparently going on.

We found out that the production had placed small yellow signs around the town to direct crew to various locations and decided to follow, on foot, the signs to the 'crowd base' where maybe we could join them.

2 1/2 miles later, we found a marquee. And a security guard. Lovely bloke, told us we'd completely wasted our time, there was no more need for extras and that we should indeed be at the marina. Ho-hum.

We went back and could see the same old nothing going on, no matter where we viewed it from.

Production moved up to Glasgow this week, too bad, I'm busy right now. Brad will just have to wait!
note the green screen to the rear of the ship

This was the crowd base for zombie extras!

Those Falmothians never miss a trick!

That's a film crew bus - THAT'S how close we came to getting onboard!!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

"I've hung out with Jim Morrison..."

...that's what Terrence Stamp interjected as Christopher Ecclestone wondered what it would be like to hang out with the 'Lizard King' himself..!
It wasn't my conversation either, I was just within earshot of Chris and director Paul Andrew Williams chewing the fat at the cemetery location.

Back on earth and props to a couple of our prop making students whose work was filmed today (Billy and Rachel).

It was my second and final day on set and inhad to make a judgement call as to if, when and how best to ask for my picture to be taken with the two stars.

With anlittle help from my co-stand in, Alan billingham, I have my prize.

Two days with almost unlimited access to a film set and betting paid to do it... life is sweet!

Christopher Ecclestone and me - he's actually taller than me usually

Terrence Stamp took a few moments out to allow me this 'prize'

That's me, on set, being Chris' stand in- I'm sitting down here though

CCAD Hartlepool Entertainment Design Crafts students created this fake grave site

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A John for Marion

Did I mention that I had joined an extras agency?
My first audition was postponed and then, I assume, cancelled, so I decided to park up my big Hollywood dream and go for a surfing holiday instead.

Three days before I go, I was offers the job of being Christopher Ecclestone's stand in on a film called 'A Song For marion' - perfect timing!

Today was my first day of two on set. 12 hours in the sun and rain, on my feet for the best part of the time, and every second was a pleasure.
Five years ago, I was an arcitechtutal model maker in Nottingham, wondering what went wrong. Today I was on a film set, working with bona fide actors like Terrence Stamp, Chris Ecclestone and the up and coming Jumayn Hunter - beat that for a name!

The point is that it felt right. Do you love your job? The money it brings? Do you love your life? Right now, I'm loving every minute of it, from every point if view; as an 'actor', a film maker and a movie nut.

If anyone out there isn't sure about what they're doing, I highly recommend trying something different. When it clicks, you'll know it. When you know it, run with it!

Tomorrow I'll be working with Gemma Arterton('s stand in) at a cemetery. It might even be raining. Bring it on!!!

Here's a link to the film: