Monday, 7 March 2011

Killing Time

A few days ago I got wind of a local film maker, Clive Tonge, who needed a couple of actors for 'the shortest horror film ever'.
I showed him my work with Jennifer Nelson in 'The Woman Who Loved a Tree' and we were offered the role of 'good looking young couple'. We still needed a mad-axeman serial killer ament first thoughts were if Sean Collins, a downright lovely bloke wrapped up in a 6' 2" superhulk package.
Sean has acted on the past but for the sake of his online audition, he posed for a photo apparently about to bludgeon a poor girl to death. Needless to say, Sean got the role.

There was no script, just a few necessary directions, so most of the dialogue was adlibbed. That suits me in some respects - no lines to learn, but the bad point is if you come out with a great natural lone that sticks, it's a lot harder to remember it once you've finished the take.
The other problem I have is a knack for saying exactly what comes into my head, and just assuming my fellow actors will roll with it. A few times on Sunday night I gave Jen and Sean the giggles when they were supposed to be terrified/terrifying respectively.

It was good to work with another director and experience new ways to develop your character and performance.

The film will be entered into a competition, more news on that as it breaks...

Here's a link to Clive's website:

And here's a link to 'The Woman Who Loved a Tree' just in case you missed it the first time:

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