Monday, 30 May 2011

When I said 'i wanna be a cowboy', I kinds meant more like Clint!

At the Ents/Costume Construction catwalk show last week I modelled a rather dandy cowboy shirt for first year Ents student Harry Peach.
Someone thought it would be a good idea to add a kittle line dancing but didn't factor in the ZERO rehearsal time available this time if year.

One outfit change and a quick shave later and I was back on as a martial artist.
I was consumed by the occasion and my inner warrior manifested itself halfway down the catwalk.

Hollywood; consider this a calling card: the Matrix 4, Brokeback Mountain 2 - I'm capable of anything!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Cannes 2011!

Further to my recent right-place, right-time moment getting a small part in Dawn Furness' pitching trailer, last Saturday I had the pleasure of accompanying one of the lead actors, Jen Nelson to the 64th Cannes Film Festival.
It was a lot more complicated than we first thought: it's not just about walking the streets, it's about getting inside, being at the heart if the action and I suppose watching some films, although that was a stretch too far for us.
A requirement for entry was proof you are an industry professional; an IMDB page, a film show online, some form of accreditation. I should have these things but I don't. They could have turned me away but they didn't.
Once inside, I was able to put up hastily prepared posters for 'In The Grand Scheme of Things' on the columns in the basement of the marche du film. That's where everyone puts their pitching posters, hoping to be picked up by a keen-eyed producer.
Time will tell if anything comes off but I aim to use my time at film school to push forward this project so that when I graduate in 2013, I will be pitching it in Cannes for real.
From here on in I'll need all my prop, set and costume contacts, actors and cgi experts.
It's going to happen, don't fight it, please join me and support it!
Check out the link:

Monday, 2 May 2011

Newcastle Three-for-Three!

Another trip to Newcastle, another high-five from the hands of fate.

Jen Nelson recently scored a role in a film funding trailer and alerted me to a crowd scene being filmed during royal wedding celebrations on the quayside.
As it happened, the event was a write-off; the Internet live-feed failed, so the majority of the crowd had upped and left for a nearby pub.
Director/producer, Dawn Furness, madethe most of the venue and her actors and I tagged along with them to the second location, a working mans club in Jesmond.
This is where the luck comes in: Dawn needed another actor - a ruggedly handsome, yet boyish, action hero type would be perfect, but I'd do!
I won't give details of the part I played, suffice to say I felt I was channeling a character from my favourite film, Point Break.
We did a couple of takes, refining the largely improvised dialogue as we went. Time was short and I know it could have been better, but if it's cut together right, it could be the big hit this year at, wait for it - the Cannes Film Festival!!!

I am rather excited by this. Fingers crossed, thanks Jen and and good luck Dawn!