Tuesday, 26 June 2012

'Buck', Back?

Last year I played a character in a CCAD live production called 'Buck Turbine'; this weekend I was enlisted as an extra on The Bad Samaritain Must Die but ended up being a runner.

Relevance? There were already two 'Johns' on set and a third was just silly. My first choice of nickname was 'Doc' but wouldn't you know it, in the dozen-or-so people there, there was already a 'Doc'!

Someone came up with the name 'Buck' and I was fine with that - afterall, I've been 'Buck' before!

It was a fantastic day, my duties included marking the performers feet, holding reflectors, moving lights, continuity, swapping lenses, being a lighting stand-in for John Raine - The Bad Samaritain himself - cleaning up fake blood, general lugging around and most importantly - keeping the coffee cups full!

It's hard not to want to contribute more as you're so close to the action and you might have your own take on how a shot could look but Andy L, Andy R, John R and 1st A.D. Chris all knew what they were doing with knobs on - I just kept my head down and the coffee cups full - with a lot of help from Melody- the original and best runner in town!

Andrew Leckonby, John Raine, 'Buck'

here's a link to Hyda-X films:

and The Bad Samaritain Must Die site:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bad Samaritain Must Die - Shooting soon!

Northern film maker Andy Leckonby of Hydra X films is filming scenes from his new thriller 'The Bad Samaritain Must Die' on 23rd and 24th June - and he'll need all the help he can get; all the help that fits into the over-eighteen, male vigilante bracket anyway - although I suspect age conforming females could fill out roles BEHIND the camera...

Here's a link to his Facebook posting:

I'll be picking up a couple more film makers on the way; raise your hand James Kent and Richard Eaborn. Room for one or two more if you read this in time!

Also from Facebook:
Looking for someone to take video and stills...
Andrew Leckonby 13 June 18:49
Looking for someone to take video and stills for Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June, from 11am-10pm in Cramlington Village pub for a big shoot. Experience shooting video and taking stills needed. Do not need to bring own camera as can provide our own to use. We have Canon 550d with plenty of SD cards. If you know anyone please give them my email: andy@hydra-xfilms.com