Monday, 2 May 2011

Newcastle Three-for-Three!

Another trip to Newcastle, another high-five from the hands of fate.

Jen Nelson recently scored a role in a film funding trailer and alerted me to a crowd scene being filmed during royal wedding celebrations on the quayside.
As it happened, the event was a write-off; the Internet live-feed failed, so the majority of the crowd had upped and left for a nearby pub.
Director/producer, Dawn Furness, madethe most of the venue and her actors and I tagged along with them to the second location, a working mans club in Jesmond.
This is where the luck comes in: Dawn needed another actor - a ruggedly handsome, yet boyish, action hero type would be perfect, but I'd do!
I won't give details of the part I played, suffice to say I felt I was channeling a character from my favourite film, Point Break.
We did a couple of takes, refining the largely improvised dialogue as we went. Time was short and I know it could have been better, but if it's cut together right, it could be the big hit this year at, wait for it - the Cannes Film Festival!!!

I am rather excited by this. Fingers crossed, thanks Jen and and good luck Dawn!

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