Sunday, 12 June 2011

Writers block, Apples and Snakes and 90's nostalgia

At the 'Read My Lips' event today, I was asked to play a couple of quite different parts in other peoples films.
Sarah asked me to play a heartbreaking/heartbroken musician in her film 'Love Beat' and I was an extra in a film about a very nice bloke, filmed by a very nice bloke..!

I modelled my first character on David Bowie in labyrinth - I could just hear him saying 'sarah' so beautifully in that. Sarah the actor/director thought I was playing Russel Brand in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'... Whatever, it was fun.

I also made a film for myself - 'And Two Minutes Early' - which charted another of my legendary late runs to a writers block event. Shot in only thirty minutes and edited in two and a half hours - most of that time was LEARNING the iMovie software - I was very satisfied with the result.

It went down a storm at the evening screenings, so big thanks to Jen Nelson for filming me, Laura and James for setting it up and helping me edit on a Mac and Kirsten and team for providing the cameras and macs.

Here's a couple of links to Apples and Snakes and Writers Block NE:

Here's the final film!!!

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