Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Distraction Jackson on the shortlist of the Top Fifteen entries - In The WORLD!

Great news just broke from James Harris: Distraction Jackson has carved through the 124 entries to earn it's place on the shortlist for the top fifteen contenders... And we're the ONLY UK entry!!!

Here's what we know:


The results are in! Our first round judges have completed their voting which determined the 15 finalists for the 2011 National Film Challenge. There are so many great films this year, many more than just 15. In total, 124 films were finished by the deadline and are eligible for awards.

This is really the most difficult part because there are always more disappointed filmmakers than happy ones. We know how much time and energy went into the creation of your film and what the sting of rejection feels like, but remember, it is really just non-selection. Please keep in mind, film selection is subjective and what the judges have selected only represent a small number of the many quality films we received. We want you to know that many of the films were rated highly and it is a narrow distinction between being a finalist and missing the cut. So if you’re not on this list, keep your head up and keep making films.

All finalists will go to a second round of judges who will determine the Grand Prize Winner. These 15 films will also be posted on our website (in the next week or so) for Audience Award voting. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $1,000 and the Audience Award Winner will receive $500. Both films will screen with the 48HFP City Winners at the Taos Shortz Film Festival next March.

Here are the finalists (in alphabetical order by film name):

A Slow Night in Vegas by ASH
Genre: Dark Comedy
Las Vegas, NV

Blush by ISO Pictures
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Reno, NV

Click. Flash. by Trifecta / HeatStroke
Genre: Fantasy
Albuquerque, NM

Death Bed by MDHS Productions
Genre: Dark Comedy
Los Angeles, CA

Distraction Jackson by Heavy Petting
Genre: Mockumentary
Middlesbrough, UK

Elixir by Tadaa Team
Genre: Fantasy
Beijing, China

Good Morning, Mrs. Tucker by Unrendered Productions
Genre: Romance
Denver, CO

Melody by Too Many Cooks
Genre: Horror
Des Moines, IA

Portal by Thumbcat
Genre: Horror
St. Louis, MO

Recycled by The JLIB Film Crew
Genre: Dark Comedy
Tom's River, NJ

Run by Mutaintuta Productions
Genre: Film de Femme
Rome, Italy

Serious Stuff for the Runners by Jo-Jo the Dog Films & Tokem
Genre: Period Piece
Tornio, Finland

The Labyrinth by Clockwork
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Rome, Italy

The Night Rider by Street Cheese
Genre: Detective/Cop
New York, New York

Genre: Period Piece
Rome, Italy

I will be in touch about when audience voting opens and how long it will run.

NOTE: Non-finalists are still eligible for some awards such as Best Use of Elements, special effects, etc.

Congratulations to all of the finalists! And to all of the other filmmakers who finished their films by the deadline – a heroic feat in and of itself.

Kat Touschner & Doug Whyte
Film Challenge Producers"

Oh I do hope we win, it'll make the pub quiz seem like chickenfeed! (and that felt just right on the night!)

Best of luck everyone; I'll post a link to the film when it's officially up for voting; stay tuned.

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