Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Twelve Angry Men? - Not Even One!

On Monday I was on the set of George Gently 2012 in Durham, for what I knew not why...

After a quick shave and hair 'trim' I was ready - for my glorious role as 'press man'.

Well, the hours passed; fellow supporting artists were taken away and brought back into the green room and all the while I sat there, waiting.

Around 5.30pm I was called through; there was room for one more on the jury... An eleven man jury all day and I just sat in the green room... Must've been shooting tight I suppose..!

So here I am, the last man in the Jury; cameras ready to roll... and...

"John, could you leave the jury please, the blocking is all wrong now..."

Cheers then.

Well I did then have the opportunity to sit behind the camera monitor and watch the show being recorded, so it wasn't a waste of a day - and I did see some familiar faces from Song For Marion and Harrigan's Nick.

I spent most time between takes chatting to a chap called Garry Allsopp - a North-East based editor, sound recordist and FIGHT CO-ORDINATOR!?!

Garry has worked on recent features such as Interview With a Hitman with Luke Goss and runs a martial arts club where he teaches his own brand of fighting called 'Wing Tai Ch'uan Gung-Fu' - here's a link:

Here's a link to the Hitman film:

There's a lot more 'extras' work just around the corner so finger's crossed I have the chance to do a little more next time!

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  1. Thanks John,for putting my link on your profile page cheers my friend. It was good talking to you, on the George Gently film set. hope to work with you soon take care John.
    Kind Regards

    Garry Allsopp.