Tuesday, 26 June 2012

'Buck', Back?

Last year I played a character in a CCAD live production called 'Buck Turbine'; this weekend I was enlisted as an extra on The Bad Samaritain Must Die but ended up being a runner.

Relevance? There were already two 'Johns' on set and a third was just silly. My first choice of nickname was 'Doc' but wouldn't you know it, in the dozen-or-so people there, there was already a 'Doc'!

Someone came up with the name 'Buck' and I was fine with that - afterall, I've been 'Buck' before!

It was a fantastic day, my duties included marking the performers feet, holding reflectors, moving lights, continuity, swapping lenses, being a lighting stand-in for John Raine - The Bad Samaritain himself - cleaning up fake blood, general lugging around and most importantly - keeping the coffee cups full!

It's hard not to want to contribute more as you're so close to the action and you might have your own take on how a shot could look but Andy L, Andy R, John R and 1st A.D. Chris all knew what they were doing with knobs on - I just kept my head down and the coffee cups full - with a lot of help from Melody- the original and best runner in town!

Andrew Leckonby, John Raine, 'Buck'

here's a link to Hyda-X films:

and The Bad Samaritain Must Die site:

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