Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Earth to Earth... Eyes, Nose and Mouth!

Yesterday was the second day of shooting for Laura Degnan's SBTRKT music video competition entry and I suspect it was a day that actor Ben would rather have stayed in bed!

We drowned him in a river, burried him alive and 'gave birth' to him - all after he'd worked all morning in Brighton and driven up for the experience!

I was wearing my 'Health and Safety' hat yesterday, attempting to make Ben's experience as safe and painless as possible - however, Laura was not; "more soil over his eyes", "go deeper into the water... ALL the way under..!" - That's one non-compromising director!

The soil was my 'safe' recipe, made in the kitchen, so it should have been OK in his mouth... apart from the sand I added for texture - ooh, that makes one's teeth really grind!

That's me in the water, doing a reccee for Ben

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