Friday, 3 August 2012

it's times like this that I wish I'd brought my cowboy boots...

So here I am, in the international arrivals lounge at L.A.X., waiting for my friend Dan to show. This is my third nine-hour wait at am airport on the trip - and it really was part of the plan too. It's about lunchtime back home, I ser off 9pm on Wednesday. It wont be far off that when we finally pick up the car and get to our hotel - that's a long tome in the same clothes! Fear not, I'd packed a change of smaller in my hand luggage and I've been washing my hair and brushing my teeth with handsoap. Yum. So why the cowboy boots? I wish I could take a picture: I'm rocking the double-denim and sitting back on the seat with my feet up on my case, cowboy boots and a hat would look so good now. So good. I'm attempting to write a script too. I'd settle for even just reading the book at this point but I'm a little too beat to take anything in..! Ive just noticed a bunch of much comfier seats over the way - forgive me, I'm gonna slip on over and get some quality kip in before our adventure really begins. So long.

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