Friday, 28 September 2012

Soaked To The Skin? It's All In The Mind!

This week Laura Degnan from Writer's Block NE asked me to star in her short film about the River Tyne, but not to worry, I wouldn't even have to leave the house!?! The whole shoot took just a couople of hours - almost as long as it took to put my house back to the state it started in! I play a man on an imaginary river boat rowing session in his living room, although this film features a classic James Harris style twist - and a typical John Noble 'stunt'! Well, Writer's Block have painted me green, dunked me in a river, and made me hug a tree in public... Bring it all on I say! Special mention must go to Laura for snatching the camera, from the utterly competent Jay Mussa, and climbing under the furniture to film a couple of 'up the nose' shots! Here's a link to the film on YouTube: The film, 'But A Dream' is a competition entry for the Port of Tyne Reflect Competition. Results will be in soon - watch this space!

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