Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It's Christmas, by Dickens

Here we are then, representatives of Christmas' Past, Present and Future...
It is one year since I first attended a concept film night; twelve months ago was the Joseph Tan memorial special. Joe, who sadly passed away in 2009, was highly influential in my decision to become a film maker, not just work on films. Joe touched a lot of lives with his gorecartoon films and i have the pleasure of attending my film studies classes with one of his finest actors, a certain craig Samson. We remember you Joe.
This years' concept film night was supposed to have a Christmas theme but only a few films, two in fact, were explicitly relevant.
The night was hosted by Writers Block, once again a positive and enthusiastic performance by Laura Degnan and a late arriving James Harris.

In a surprise entry to the night, our 48 hour film festival entry 'the Woman Who Loved a Tree' was played and Laura invited a few of us up to share a story or two with the audience. I think this put me in good stead with them and allowed me to easily chat with other film makers from the night.
I introduced myself to David Cave, director of 'Day of the Broken Dolls' and it emerged that we knew a lot of the same people from our days growing up in Middlesbrough in the 90s, to attending CCAD as students and now knowing the same Newcastle based film makers - take a bow Dawn, John, Andy and Jimmy!

I feel like I've been on the right path for a year now, so, rather than say the future starts here, I'll leave it as the future CONTINUES here.

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