Sunday, 5 December 2010

Didn't wanna be a cowboy anyway!

The CCAD film and tv production live project finalised casting the other week and sadly and despite my best efforts, the cowboy role went to someone else...
But they do recognise talent when they see it, so I was offered, and I've accepted, the part of Buck Turbine, self styled secret agent and representative of the 'Action' film genre.
I've now read my bit of script, and a few pages either side,and I mist say it's not quite what I was expecting...
Well be having rehearsals soon (last weeks were cancelled due to the venue being closed thanks to extreme weather conditions)and I hope I can throw a little extra into the character and maybe learn a little bit about him myself.

Simulated live tv. Did it last year, doing it this year. Hope I don't have to make up another FOUR minutes this time!

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