Monday, 28 February 2011

Incredible Experience!!!

Last Friday, Laura Degnan from Writers Block NE contacted me and asked if I could possibly help out in a film that weekend. She needed someone to play a business man who attends a fancy dress party dressed as the Incredible Hulk and I was the first actor who came to mind (is that good or bad I wonder?!?)

The Ents department were, as usual, very helpful to me in terms of loaning us some rope lights for the party scene (and Norman Austick especially who gave me a lift back since my car was (is) still out of action (Grrrrr!).

The shoot was possibly the most professional I've been on as the entire crew (of four) were real-life film makers from Newcastle. This meant that the intricacies of every shot were tweaked to the point of perfection, and as usual, this was at the expense of time. We over ran by a couple of hours but it was worth it. We only stopped shooting because the camera packed up - not because the management at the Dickens Inn had asked us to clear out so that a birthday party could use the room (that they had hired!).

Here's a few shots from throughout the day:

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