Saturday, 6 August 2011

"I've hung out with Jim Morrison..."

...that's what Terrence Stamp interjected as Christopher Ecclestone wondered what it would be like to hang out with the 'Lizard King' himself..!
It wasn't my conversation either, I was just within earshot of Chris and director Paul Andrew Williams chewing the fat at the cemetery location.

Back on earth and props to a couple of our prop making students whose work was filmed today (Billy and Rachel).

It was my second and final day on set and inhad to make a judgement call as to if, when and how best to ask for my picture to be taken with the two stars.

With anlittle help from my co-stand in, Alan billingham, I have my prize.

Two days with almost unlimited access to a film set and betting paid to do it... life is sweet!

Christopher Ecclestone and me - he's actually taller than me usually

Terrence Stamp took a few moments out to allow me this 'prize'

That's me, on set, being Chris' stand in- I'm sitting down here though

CCAD Hartlepool Entertainment Design Crafts students created this fake grave site

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  1. Did you resist the urge to shout 'ZOD!' at the top of your lungs?