Thursday, 4 August 2011

A John for Marion

Did I mention that I had joined an extras agency?
My first audition was postponed and then, I assume, cancelled, so I decided to park up my big Hollywood dream and go for a surfing holiday instead.

Three days before I go, I was offers the job of being Christopher Ecclestone's stand in on a film called 'A Song For marion' - perfect timing!

Today was my first day of two on set. 12 hours in the sun and rain, on my feet for the best part of the time, and every second was a pleasure.
Five years ago, I was an arcitechtutal model maker in Nottingham, wondering what went wrong. Today I was on a film set, working with bona fide actors like Terrence Stamp, Chris Ecclestone and the up and coming Jumayn Hunter - beat that for a name!

The point is that it felt right. Do you love your job? The money it brings? Do you love your life? Right now, I'm loving every minute of it, from every point if view; as an 'actor', a film maker and a movie nut.

If anyone out there isn't sure about what they're doing, I highly recommend trying something different. When it clicks, you'll know it. When you know it, run with it!

Tomorrow I'll be working with Gemma Arterton('s stand in) at a cemetery. It might even be raining. Bring it on!!!

Here's a link to the film:

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  1. Ha, you and your bloody Doctor Who impressions, they know no bounds! Good stuff John, I'm happy you're happy.