Sunday, 23 October 2011

Can you believe they let us film in a hospital..?

Well if the answer us 'yes', then I've done my job properly!

I'm not sure how much will be shown onscreen but the details are all there, a combination of Writers' Block furniture and most of the contents of the upstairs of my house!

Filming the birth scene was... I want to say hilarious but I'll go with 'a gamble'. Jane was made to scream the house about six times as we shot and reshot probably the longest and most important scene in the film, all within feet of the general public. During one take, I was outside the WB HQ and I thought it sounded like someone screaming for her life!

With the scene finally in the bag, the last shot at 'The Block' utilised a fake baby, made on the hoof with a scarf, a neck-tie, a roll of gaffa tape and a towel - well it looked alright from wher I was standing, helped massively by Tim Marshall's understated (for once) and sensitive performance.

James, Tim and Jay hit the road to get one last shot at James Cook Hispital but only managed to get an establishing shot outside before beingoved on by security. I'm sure they'll fix it in post...

So, that'd a wrap. Smithers film challenge in the bag.

Cast and crew screening should be Wednesday, followed by the slightly delayed wrdpbkarty. Something to look forward to until we strpbup to collect our awards..!

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