Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ponderings of a Dead Tramp

At seven o'clock tonight, I set off 'over the border' in Middlesbrough to die.
By eight o'clock I was home, washing off the makeup and coughing up a little blood!

This acting lark, I tell you, it's method all the way for me!

I recalled two bits of advice from somewhere in the back of my mind, regarding on screen murders...

#1: when simulating a strangulation, the stranglee pulls the stranglers arms towards him as the strangler in turn attempts to pull away. This way, the victim is in full control of the situation and can gauge their personal level of comfort in the situation.

We tried it this way - it sucked!

#2: "the only way to really make it look like you're trying to kill someone, is to really try to kill them" - Bruce Willis, Die Hard 2:Die Harder (1990), behindthe scenes interview.

Now you're talking my language!

We did about six takes, each progressively better than the last, each time Tiny gripped my throat just a little bit harder.

Well, we got the shots in the can and now I'm home, just waiting for the bruises to show up, like they always do on CSI!

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