Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 Review of the Year

Here we are in 2012, a year I've been looking forward to since 1997 - and not because of any 'End of the World' disaster movie coolness either...

2012 is set to be the Golden Age of Mankind. We can all play a part; many of us have been involved for some time now. But that's the future. Let's have a quick look at the past:

Over the past twelve months, I've acted in fewer productions than before but worked on much bigger things; I've completed two mire short films, acted as production designer on a couple more, entered three competitions, the results of two of which still hang in the balance, I've worked on my first feature film and visited the Cannes Film festival, Leeds Film Festival and The Cutting Edge Horror Film Festival in Newcastle;I've attended seminars on the future of Transmedia production, won a pub quiz and costume competition and built up a professional and reliable crew of my own.

This year I'm looking forward to winning a couple of prestigious competitions, making another short slapstick film about an innocent abroad and digging right into the Jonny Fox/Grand Scheme of Things trailer, set to hit Cannes in 2013.

2011 brought a lot of surprises, plenty I didn't see coming, nor could prepare for. Well I made it through the other side and in ready for whatever 2012 has to bring - just so long as it's not a mile high tidal wave!!!

Happy New Year to one and all.

Peace, love and light.

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