Monday, 6 February 2012

Back on the Horse...

Well, January was a relatively quiet month, nothing solid manifested, nothing ecept my obligatary 'Winter Beard'...

I had two casting calls mid-month - one's I had to turn down because both required a bearded actor - hence the re-grown beard. And no sooner has the beard returned, the phone has started ringing again.

I'm set to appear in a riot scene for 'Harrigan's Nick' on Thursday and Friday this week, here's a link:

Further to this I'll be playing a 'tired and listless' man responsible for the death of a child in a short 16mm film by Creative Film student Richard Eaborn and my old friend A.J. Garrett (The Cement Factory) has resurfaced with an ongoing project that could kick off sooner rather than later.

Added to this some pre-production test shots with Billy Cessford at Tynemouth Castle AND Barnard Castle next Saturday and I am stuffed - hence the perfect casting as 'tired and listless'!!!

Here's a link to a trailer for AJ's last film:

and the Facebook information page:

Here's a sneak-peek at some of Billy Cessford's upcoming projects:

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