Friday, 21 December 2012

21st December 2012 - Post 100!

What a milestone day today has been; rather than the end of the world, it's been the end of a hard slog and the start of a glorious new dawn... The first semester has finished at college and I feel I've got everything tucked in just nice, in time for the holidays!

This time last year, I was making my Die Hard/John McClane fancy dress outfit; this year I've been making a prop/set piece for The Grand Hotel in Hartlepool. It's the last week of term and many people are winding down - some have been winding down for longer than that, but I've been at it, a million miles an hour until now. So, please forgive me for having a moment of reflection and a pause...

I'll get back to film making tomorrow (meeting one of my actors in Newcastle) but tonight I just want to rest, and if the world ends, at least my desk was tidy!

Take care all,


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