Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Review of the Year

2012 was one of my best ever years, from the point of view of a film maker, prop maker and actor; I really got back on the horse one might say!

From early acting work with Writers' Block and a double night-shoot on Harrigan's Nick (where I met James Kent, a way-out crazy actor dude), to making a smashing little film with Billy Cessford in the early summer (currently known as 'Hy-Brazil' and awaiting a soundtrack from another new collaborator, Micky Cockerill) to writing, producing, propmaking, costume-ing(!?!) for my upcoming final major project at film school - 'Championship Hunt'!

I had a trip to Hollywood (although I still didn't make it to right up to the famous sign)...

But I was close!
I was in the crowd for the L.A. premiere of 'Expendables 2...
A split-second later and Sly came over and said 'Hi John, how's your blog coming along...' - I wish!

All the cast were there except Bruce Willis and Jet Li... I would have gladly taken their seats!
I had a trip to Universal Studios that was the most amazing part of my time in the USA, state-of-the-art rides and experiences, I highly recommend it to anyone with the opportunity to go.
One of my favourite things about 2012 is that the world did not end. That sounds silly now the time has passed, but it had given me great impetus for pushing myself harder than ever for twelve months and quite frankly, beyond completing 'Championship Hunt (and hopefully promoting it at Cannes 2014), I really don't have a plan from this point onwards...
Tune in throughout 2013 and we'll discover together what the future holds for 'John Noble - The Movie!'
Happy New Year Everyone!


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