Saturday, 27 November 2010

Generations, Legacy, The Legend Continues...

I had a wonderful time tonight at Bang!, catching up with old friends and watching new films. What I hadn't realised was that Luke's son, Jordan, and partner, Rebecca, were so heavily involved in his film. Vader: A Rise and Fall was very similar to 'The Woman Who Loved A Tree' with it's mockumentary approach, which is always (in my limited experience) a crowd pleaser.
Other notable films from the night included 'Red Arrow' and 'Sis', the latter of which was both fun and tough to watch in equal measure.
It's nearly three am and we've just finished watching 'Night of the Demon' on telly and discussing the past, present and future of film making in the world today.
Luke has been writing a few comedy scripts and has asked me to play a part in 'BatSmith' and 'The Not-So Professionals' - I can do that, where do I sign?
I had a great night tonight and I'm looking forward to spending more time with these characters from my former life on Nottingham.

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