Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Cement Factory screening, Peg Powler Gallery

Just received word that a short film that I acted in recently is being shown on Thursday night in Stockton.
I planned my role meticulously, researching cement production and growing an excellent beard (I try and do a new and different beard for every character role I play) - tattoos were drawn on in permanent marker but even still were thought out so as to best build my character.
Co-directed by AJ Garrett, there wasn't a strict script for us to learn, just a series of ideas that had to play out withinthe given scene. This led to some wicked improvs, especially by the genius James Harris.
Filming day was a lot of fun and it was only after we had wrapped that AJ told us that it wasn't meant to be a comedy... Oops!
Not a comedy you say? My character had a dark secret that involved a cement mixing machine, self pleasurement and homicidal tendencies...
Huh, typecast again!


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