Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another weekend, another film challenge...

Writers Block, bless 'em, single-handedly creating the film scene in Middlesbrough these days, held a 4 hour film challenge this afternoon.
I wanted a break from the production design and opted to e an actor only this time. Competition was strong - BBC favourite Bill Fellows was in one of the groups but that instilled a level of professionalism not seen in such quick events.
Fortune favours the brave and once again it shone down on my group... The filming location was right around the corner from my parents' home and I was able to borrow some fantastic costume and props.
We filmed a documentary about a shark in a local park lake - I played the grizzled hunter, pitted in a battle of wits against the beastie.
We finished filming with time to spare but technology thwarted us and we missed the deadline.
As it happened, only 2 groups made it and we were the third ones finished, so it's kind of like winning the bronze medal, right?
It was a great day and everyone played well.
Right now we're all in the pub having a victory roll burger and a pint.
Back to the world tomorrow...

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