Thursday, 9 February 2012

"okay, let's see how loud to can mime..."

That was Nick's greatest piece if direction tonight on the shoot for Harrigan's Nick.

Turns out we 'background artists' were a little too passionate to see Craig [spoiler alert] 'interact' with his 'co-star', played by the ever-present Bill Fellows..!

Tonight was great; the first half was being stuck at base, not having been selected for the earlier scenes. It all kicked off after 'dinner'?!? When we hit the set proper.

All indications were that temperatures would be super sub-zero, so we were all dressed in multiple layers... Well it was only around four am that I became grateful for my three pairs of socks, two pairs of longjohns and a thermal rashvest, usually used for surfing!

We rioted in the street and watched cars explode... Could've been a lot worse all told!

Work in three hours then back to the unit HQ for 4.30pm to do it all again.

My secret weapon is fake redbull and my big plan is to sleep all weekend...

More updates tomorrow.

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