Saturday, 23 October 2010

3D In Your Face, Bradford Media Museum

A seminar on the future of 3D in entertainment media, it's an easy one to write off as geek oriented and irrelevant but it was, without doubt, the most important event I've attended since SFX '96.

After a brief history of 3D cinema (first seen in the 1920's) we soon moved on to camera rigs and set ups, crew expertise and lighting considerations.
My question about production design was answered concisely by Richard Hill of Axis cameras, although I later thought of a pertinent follow up point but missed the opportunity to have it answered.
Ben X from Red Star CGI films gave the point of view of the virtual creative and bowed down to the real film makers and the massive rigs used. He said how CGI amusement shorts can cheat and push the eye further in their films, compared to a 90 min film.
A speaker from Framestore in London spoke of their experience working on Avatar and made some very interesting points about post production - namely that it takes twice as long and mist be pixel perfect due to the different view in each eye.
Other speakers discussed 3D TV and it seems like all practicioners have much more faith on cinema than TV.

I had a look around the film museum too, very good indeed, especially the IMAX viewing gallery.

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