Saturday, 9 October 2010

48 hour film competition with Writers Block

I was just about to settle down and edit a teaser trailer for the Grand Scheme of Things movie project when the phone rang and Laura Degnan asked me to act in a short film she was making over the next few hours - in Newcastle!
We picked up fellow actors Jen and Tim and headed off up the A19 to meet Beth, the lead actor.
In the true spirit of small films, we each adopted roles behind the camera until our screen time. This involved sound recording, cable bashing, set dressing and asking the local youths to please be quiet while we get the shot - they did as well, for about thirty seconds!
None of us had any experience with the particular camera we were using but thanks to a recent tech/demo by Richard Popple, we managed to muddle through.
(at one point, we were going to use our trusty iPhones to google the instruction book - good old 3G!

Might do some pick up shots tomorrow but the project needs to be on someone's desk by 7pm tomorrow...
Good luck Laura and James!

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