Saturday, 23 October 2010

Any excuse to dress up...

Today I took part in 'The Big Draw' art project for the Peg Powler gallery, and what a lot of fun it was too..!
I was performing as Sir John Conyers, local dragon slayer and was joined by Jennifer Nelson as Peg Powler herself. The highlight of the day was becoming 'living statues' in the shop window, more often than not scaring people when we moved; initial shock usually turns into a great big smile and we managed to interest a lot of children into taking part in the art workshopm inside.
So far, not very filmy, but another group of artists down the road had a pirate themed event on so we went to check it out. As it happened, we turned up during a script reading for a local film project and were invited to play a part in the production.
Through my work with Writers Block, I had vaguely heard of the company, 'Will Work For Food' but this was my first face to face meeting.
Curiously, the main pirate actor, Stewart, was taking part in the CCAD acting auditions last week - it's a really small world out there.
Did I mention I created my own knight outfit? Had a little help from the costume construction staff I work with every day, couldn't have done it without you Jane, thanks.

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