Saturday, 30 October 2010

You can't win them all, Mum!

In a week of local film premieres, I have failed both big and small...

On Thursday night at MIMA, Middlesbrough, I missed the showing of 'Shooting Time', a film by Jamie about his father , Ian, a local documentary photographer.
I made it in time for the Q&A session afterwards and saw the film the following day on DVD.
Biggest miss of the week was the regional big screen premier of 'The Tournament', a film written by ex-CCAD film student Nick Rowntree.
Local news confused me over the when's and where's of the event as it also 'premiered' in Leicester Square at the same time...
Maybe it's got a secret showing tonight, but I doubt it.

I found out about both of the events at quite short notice and had already committed my time to another project but it still feels like a lost opportunity.

Better luck next time Johnny!

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