Friday, 21 January 2011

Live studio project happened!

I've only just realsied I'm finished with the live studio project, it's been with me for, well, since last year!?!

I thought I'd nailed it in early rehearsals but come the monent of truth, I forgot a line, that is, I missed my cue.

Fortunately I was working with The Greast James Harris who seamlessly covered my line and brought me right back into play. Our section played out well, including the H&S baiting 'throw knife into audience' part.

If we'd have been on time, the show would have ended with me shooting into the camera lens, alas, in the melee at the end, the judge wasnt fed his line, so I wasn't fed my line, so it just ended on the 'zombie-as-posh-bloke' payoff - still funny but just not quite right - 30 seconds can make all the difference some days, ey?

Same time next year?

Not a chance - there will be no more studio and no more live projects.

It's bittersweet to have taken part in the last of something and always a pleasure to work with the students of CCAD FdA TV and Film Production, and, of course, James 'Saved the day again' Harris - many thanks one and all.

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