Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Thanks for the interview practice 'world'

Wow! As a result of snowballing events relating to my Regent Cinema film school project, I gave an over-the-phone interview to TFM radio yesterday.
I'm sure it will be edited down quite a bit, I do try and cover every single detail but that's probably three times more time than I'm allowed.
So, if you don't make the final cut, here's a list of thanks:
Tony Shaw and students, Entertainment Design Crafts
Di Scott, Mike, Richard and students, creative film and moving image production
CCAD marketing dept
Rachel Meeks, publicist
Neil Bates, Regent Cinema
Laura Degnan, Writers Block
Mum and Dad, catering, quartermasters
Martin and Jen, right hand persons,

Thank you one and all!

Tune in to TFM, 96.6fm some time today - when I know, you'll know!

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