Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cutting edge horror film festival review

Thanks to Mick McGee and Billy Cessford for joining me at the first ever cutting edge film festival today at Barkollo in the shadow of st James park, Newcastle.

The venue was 'intimate', I think that's fair to say. We arrived dead on time, which was a little too early but once things were up and running, the films played to an ever increasing audience.

Shown in batches of approximately sixty minutes, we were treated to shorts from around the world, as far away as Australia and from local Geordie crews.

Sara Dickson, make up artist and actress arrived in time to see her first performance - she features in two more films being shown on tonights bill.

The first film, 'She', made by the event organisers tells of a man who must feed flesh to a creature of the night he accidentally knocks down one night in his car. The 'she' character was excellently portrayed and the film escalates into mass carnage, which was well staged and impressive given the presumably small budget.

My favourite film of the day was 'The Devil's Fork', a lightly comic tale of two flatmates pursued by a Victorian ghost. There was lots of natural, witty banter and the Victorian gentleman's make-up was very well dine.

The international films, such as Australian zombie film and bargagaaaaahhhgahh displayed old school and cutting edge budget special effects; gunshots and bullet hits were cgi, the 'snot-monster' was, well it can only be described as a 'puppet' - but it was little more than a few bin bags and some cardboard teeth!

The breaks were well timed between films and the live performances, although curious, were nonetheless entertaining.

He final film was an experimental piece made from still photography. That exemplified what was so good about this event, it wasn't just film, there was animation, live music, live dance and a raffle - and all for free.

We had the chance to wish the organisers well bedew we left and our fingers are still crossed to see if any of us won anything in the raffle!

Here's a link to the event organisers page, which includes a full line up of the films:

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