Thursday, 24 November 2011

Test Shoot for Straight 8 went worse/as well as/better than planned

Last Saturday we assembled the core crew to shoot the whole of Jo Wakefield's 'Made For Loving You' as a timing and logistics test. All we needed were lights and a camera...

Trouble is, the stores were unexpectedly closed on the Friday, meaning none of the college kit was available..!

Step forward my Dad; his super-8 camera is identical to the one we use at CCAD, the only trouble was lighting. We deedmed it redundant, trying to shoot on film without specialist lights, but still pushed on with a handycam camcorder and all props and locations were utilised.

We started out around 9.30am and wrapped up early afternoon. That included revising shots, set dressing and travelling to additional locations. We are quietly confident that with the up front preperation on the actual day of the shoot, that we can nail this - and WIN the competition at Cannes next year!!!

Craig on the Handycam, Sarah acting

John on the Super-8, a mannequin in the bed

One slight hurdle regarding light levels and the time of year: our shoot has been pushed back to later in the day - a 1pm start. We should maintain daylight throughout but would have definately preferred to shoot last weekend, at the time we did: the lighting was perfect all day!

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