Monday, 7 November 2011

VIPs and Aftershow Parties...

So there we were, at the UK premiere of The Thing 2011 and the whole row of seats in front of us are 'reserved', and I'm thinking 'this is it, the film makers withing touching distance - we can't miss'.

Well it wasn't them. We deduced this from their lack of response to the film.

Hmmmm. Who were they then..? And I'm looking at this one guy and I'm thinking 'That's Andrew Garfield - the 'new' Spider-Man!'

I googled his picture - it really could have been him. At Leeds International Film Festival. Right next to me!!!

I caught up with the group after the show and asked if he was an old acquaintance of mine, 'Andrew?' - it wasn't him. Ho-hum.

Never mind, onto the judges bars. Last year we were invited for drinks with the judges, Marc Price and Steven Sheil, and director, producer and lead actor from 'The Dead' (Howard Ford) and I knew exactly where they go.

We went to the first bar. Just regular drinkers...

OK, onto the second bar: lots of cool people, hipsters dancing to 7" 60's singles, really good atmosphere - but NO FILM MAKERS!

Awww, forget-about-it! It's been a long night, time for bed.

Save the VIPs for next time!

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