Thursday, 10 November 2011

Make-up Tests

In two weeks time we (hoopefully) shoot our Straight-8 film competition entry, 'Made For Loving You', written by Joanne Wakefield. The story concerns a widowed woman who attempts to bring her husband back from the dead.

On the day, I'll be the camera op but in the run up, I'm acting as production designer and overseeing Rachel Lee (who was prop mistress on my short, 'Moving On') on props and make-up design.

I've been constructing a fake gravestone for one scene set in a cemetary and I'll be totally rearranging my home for interior shots on the day.

The make-up (yet to be approved) concept is that she stuck sections of torn photographs onto a blank mannequin head but when he is reanimated, the photographic sections remain in place but have come alive themselves... The shot will only be onscreen for a couple of seconds for the film version but there will be a DV version that could explore the concept further; personally, I think there's scope for a new horror franchise character right here!

Here's a couple of pics:

Original concept - apologies to Marc Price

I was only going to practice on my forehead but I got excited!

The black section was purely for contrast

The different flesh tones must contrast heavily between the photos and the 'skin'

Living photos

Removal of the parts: you can see that we covered the eyebrow area seperately - hence the nearly two hours make-up time!

A hairy version

A hairier version!

Mant thanks to Rachel Lee for taking time out from her studies to work on this with me, check out her blog:

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